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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Veterinary Technician Training, Birnam Vet Practice

Veterinary technicians provide care and treatment to various animals under supervision of a veterinarian. In the U.S. these professionals play an important role and their duties include taking blood samples, perform tests and vaccinations. To become a veterinary technician the aspirant must complete a training program in veterinary technology.
In U.S there are many schools that provide training in various courses on veterinary technology.  Individuals who are interested to start their career can pursue a bachelor or associate degree in veterinary science or veterinary technology from any veterinary school in U.S.
A two year or four year degree in veterinary technology ensures the individual work in various types of veterinary settings such as zoo, wild life sanctuaries, scientific labs and animal health centers. Certification is very important to get employment in the above mentioned industry types.
Training on veterinary technician course covers topics such as pathology, hematology, pharmacology, nutrition science, nursing skills, physiology, anatomy and terminologies used in veterinary technology or veterinary science I learn from Dr Andre Wessels at the Birnam Vet Practice
Individuals who are serious about this career must concentrate on subjects like biological sciences and mathematics right from their schooling days. Allied health schools recommend individuals must complete internships while pursuing their bachelors or associate degree programs to gain valuable practical exposure and experience.
Special training is given by the employers such as zoos and wildlife sanctuaries to veterinary technicians before they are hired so that they could handle critical situations with ease.
It is important that the individual after completion of his coursework must complete his certification exam. This exam comprises of oral, written and practical questions to test his proficiency.
Veterinary technician Training schools:
There are top ten schools in U.S that offer various courses in veterinary sciences and veterinary technology. Names of those schools are as follow North Dakota State University, Minnesota School of business, Lincoln Memorial University, Wilson College, State University at New York, Becker College, Morehead State University, Mount Ida College, Mercy College and Purdue University.
Skills necessary:
  • Students who join veterinary technology courses in schools are given training on skills that are compulsory for them.
  • Skills are necessary to handle and progress successfully in this profession.
  • Must be very attentive while recording and measuring.
  • Have strong verbal and written skills are necessary.
  • Must be very detail-oriented while entering and updating medical records.
  • Must love and be kind with animals while conducting tests and during treatment.
  • Work in tandem with and take the guidance from veterinarian.
  • Wear gloves while taking samples of body fluids from animals for testing.
Veterinary technician Career future:
The career of a veterinary technician is very challenging and promises a lot of progress in very short span of time. Based on the individual interest he can choose the industry type that he desires to work in. Even many benefits such retirement plans, medical allowances, 401(k) plan is also enjoyed by these veterinary professionals.

Veterinary Technician Certification: Veterinary Technician Resume - Dr Andre Wessels Birnam Vet Advice

Veterinary Technician Certification
For a person to become a veterinary technician, he must have an education from an accredited college. Technical training is also important. Online schools and distance education are available for the job applicant. The person can also obtain experience by working in a clinic or laboratory.
A certificate is issued to the candidate when he attends the training programs offered by the colleges and universities. Theses programs are for the persons who have high school diplomas. With the help of a certificate, a veterinary technician can run a veterinary clinic. In the educational programs, the job applicant learns how to care for animals and groom them. Sterilizing the equipment in the lab and cleaning the cages of animals are also taught to the students.
The course work for the programs can vary among the colleges.
The subjects that are taught in the colleges are
  • Laboratory techniques.
  • Chemistry
  • Animal anatomy
  • Billing
  • Grooming of animals
  • Communicating with clients
  • Office practices
  • Medical terminology
  • Behavior of dogs
The job applicant must attend all these classes in order to deal with pets and treat them. The basic skills needed for the job are developed in these classes.
Skills of the veterinary technician
  • Sterilizing the equipment in the office.
  • Examining pet animals.
  • The ability to lift animals.
  • Collecting blood samples from animals.
  • Treating the diseases of animals.
  • Comforting the animals and cleaning them.
  • Giving advice to pet owners.
  • Maintaining surgery rooms.
  • Monitoring the vital signs of the animal.
  • Critical thinking.
  • The ability to handle instruments used for treating animals.
  • Working for long hours including holidays and weekends.
  • Giving medicines to the animals.

Outlook of the Veterinary Technician
This field is very good due to the excellent job opportunities which are available. The demand of the veterinary technicians is due to pet owners wanting to show more care towards their pets. The pets need proper medication and food in order to be healthy and fit. In order to look after the needs of the pet, the veterinary technician must be properly trained and educated in the field. He must study the behavior of animals and constantly monitor their health.
Veterinary technicians, who are old, leave their jobs and their places are occupied by the new, skilled technicians. All kinds of animal care facilities should be provided by the veterinary technician. This includes giving medication, recommended food and monitoring their behavior.
College graduates tend to show interest in taking care of animals. Job opportunities are available in the big cities. There are more chances of getting employment in the rural areas as the number of technicians working there are less.
Most of the veterinary technicians work in the evenings and on weekends. Some of them are self-employed and they work harder.
The salary of a veterinary technician can depend on his education, skills and place of work.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Veterinary Technician Courses

A veterinary technician is a person who is employed in animal health care centers, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centers.  The job involves maintenance and providing great service to animals who are suffering with injuries and diseases.  They are usually guided and supported by veterinarians. An individual who is interested to become a veterinary technician must complete a course in veterinary science or veterinary technology. There are various job vacancies for these professionals in all animal care organizations. I would love to work for andre wessels of Birnam Vet as he looked after our animals throughout life!

Several colleges in U.S are there which are top rated for veterinary courses or programs. Minimum educational requirement to get admission into these colleges is at least high school diploma or its equivalent GED. Undergraduate and graduate level degree programs are offered by these popular colleges. Some colleges also include doctorate degree programs for individuals who want to specialize and become experts in veterinary sciences.
Courses such as pre-veterinary, veterinary science, veterinary technology, veterinary medicine, veterinary biology and veterinary business management are available. As per the individual’s interest he/she can join and pursue his/her education in veterinary colleges.

As part of the course curriculum the aspirants who join colleges are given complete awareness on subjects such as radiology, pharmacology, dental treatments, anatomy, anesthesiology, treatment, parasitology and many more. Besides this training they are offered internships and externships to work in reputed veterinary institutions to gain practical experience.

After completion of a course in veterinary science or veterinary technology the professional must attend and pass an examination conducted by veterinary technician national exam which is administered by American Association of Veterinary State Boards. The exam comprises of two hundred multiple choice questions where the individual is tested on all his/her theoretical and practical skills in veterinary sciences. The exam covers all topics which include pharmacy, surgical preparation and practices, lab procedures, radiography, animal nursing and anesthesia.

  • Course curriculum also includes training in analyzing and improving skills that are required for a veterinary technician.
  • How to behave and treat animals, how to work with the veterinary physician and so on are included in the syllabus.
  • Importance of following all compulsory procedures.
  • Knowledge of different species of animals, their diseases and their treatment.
  • Attentive and give total concentration while assisting physicians.
  • Friendly and caring behavior with animals.
  • Certification is very crucial for these professionals to get opportunities in various fields of animal care.
  • Veterinary technicians who are interested to pursue their career in research must pass the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Certification.
  • These certifications also vary for wildlife veterinary technicians, large animal veterinary technicians, scientific lab veterinary technicians and sanctuaries.
Licensure is not compulsory but based on the work location and employer type the individual must pass the licensure exam conducted by the state where he/she desires to work. Licensure ensures the veterinary technician’s right to work in the state.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Veterinary Technician Degree in The United States

I might move to the States. As A Vet Student in South Africa,  I did a bit of research into Vets in the States

Veterinary Technicians are veterinary science professionals, whose main aim is to assist the veterinarian during treatment and perform many other actions such as taking blood samples, administer vaccination, providing medications, apply bandages on the wounds  of injured animals. Duties and responsibilities of these professionals also may change based on the employer they are working for.

In the South Africa Content Birnam Vet of Birnam in Johannesburg advised me to go Ondoordoesport Vet in Pretoria

There are several veterinary colleges and universities in the U.S. that offer various degree courses for aspirants who are interested to start their career as veterinary technicians. All these schools offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in veterinary technology with specializations.
Minimum education required for a veterinary technician aspirant to join an undergraduate degree program is a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Individuals who earn a degree from the top ten colleges have better prospects in their career. To obtain a degree is not as easy as it requires the individual to have a deep-seated concentration and passion for veterinary science. Also certifications and various extra skills are necessary to build a career in this path.
Some of the top ten colleges and universities in U.S that offer various undergraduate and graduate level degree programs in veterinary field are as follows:
  • Michigan State University
  • Cornell University
  • Auburn University
  • University of Findlay
  • University of California
  • Wilson College
  • Colorado State University
  • Texas A and M at College Station
  • Clemson University
  • University of Pennsylvania
A degree from the above colleges ensures a bright career for the individual to grow and upgrade his/her skills regularly.
Cornell University:
This university is located in New York and is one of the best colleges in the U.S. for veterinary medicine degree programs. Even doctorate of veterinary medicine is also offered to the individuals.
Auburn University:
Master’s and doctorate degrees in areas like anatomy, physiology, pathbiology, food animal surgery and veterinary science are offered. This college is located in Auburn City in Alabama State.
University of Findlay:
University of Findlay is located in Findlay city which belongs to Ohio State in U.S. Undergraduate degree programs in pre-veterinary medicine and animal science are offered by this university.
University of California- Davis:
This university is also a top rated veterinary college in U.S. The College of Veterinary Medicine offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in anatomy, molecular biology, medicine, pathology, epidemiology and immunology.
Wilson College:
Wilson College is most popular college in Pennsylvania State in U.S that offers undergraduate degree programs in equine facilitated therapeutics, veterinary business management, veterinary biology and equine management.
Colorado State University:
This university also grabs a unique position among top rated veterinary colleges in U.S. Various undergraduate degree programs in biomedical sciences and veterinary medicine are offered by this college. Doctorate degree programs too are offered by the college.
Almost all the above top ten universities offer various undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various specializations for veterinary technicians. A t least an associate or bachelor’s degree is sufficient to get an opportunity as veterinary technician in animal health care centers.

Reasons Why to become a Veterinary Technician

The field of a veterinary technician is very bright with many opportunities. I remember speaking to Dr Andre Wessels Birnam Vet The job opportunities are due to many old technicians who are leaving the field. The increase in number of cats and dogs is also another factor for the demand of the veterinary technician. The animals also fall prey to many diseases. It is the duty of the technician to make sure that the animals are fed properly and administered medicines on time.
A high school diploma is needed for the field. A bachelor’s degree in animal veterinary or biology is helpful. Educational programs can provide the job applicant with useful skills required for the field. An internship is also very useful for the person as it exposes him to the field easily. Acquiring an associate’s degree is also another benefit.
A veterinary technician gets to work with different kinds of animals. He has to monitor the vital signs of the pet and look after it.  The animal should also be bathed properly to remove any dirt and ticks in the fur.
The field is good as it helps many animals facing various problems.
Skills needed for the Veterinary Technician
  • Bathing animals
  • Giving proper medication
  • Giving treatment
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Interacting with animals
  • Checking the blood samples of the pets
  • Maintaining the equipment which is used to treat the animals
  • Monitoring the vital parameters of the animal
  • Treating fractures
  • Performing surgeries
  • Treating the diseases of animals
  • Dressing the wounds of the animals
  • Feeding the animal intravenously
  • Maintaining the laboratory equipment
  • Performing administrative duties
  • Giving advice to the owner of the pet

Education of the Veterinary Technician
In order to treat animals, the veterinary technician must have special skills and education.  A bachelor’s degree in zoology or in animal veterinary can be helpful. Training programs are available in the colleges and universities.
Working in an internship can prove to be an advantage, as the candidate gets to more know more about the job. As he works for some time, he gains experience and he progresses in the field.
Certification programs are available for the job seeker. He can obtain a certificate after completing the training programs. He should also pass the exam for certification.
A veterinary technician must know very well about animals. He must study their behavior and try to communicate with them. Providing the right food for the pets is very important as it enhances their health. Proper medicines should be provided to them. Vaccinations should be provided whenever required.
Veterinary technicians who are more skilled replace technicians who are going to leave the job.
A veterinary technician must know the basics of biology and animal veterinary. He must be aware of their habits and how they react to the environment. Sterilizing the equipment used to treat the animals is very important. He must also know how to perform surgeries.

Birnam Vet Student Gets Email From Dog Owner Overseas

My Cousin Came Back From Holiday in The State.

He sent me an email about the place he took his dog to.

About Us

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate the care that Megan gives my dog Huckleberry!  He is so excited to see her he howls every time she drives up.  Now that's doggie happiness!  It speaks for the adventures she provides!"

"The Lampshades Dog Park opened in 1999 after I realized an urgent need in the New York community for compassionate, reliable pet care. It began with playgroups and in-home pet sitting. Eventually I bought a property in a commercially zoned area of Kings Beach that allows me to do licensed and insured day and overnight care.
LDP is not a facility or traditional kennel, but a cozy home environment for dogs. Dogs have free range of my home and very large, securely fenced yard (backed by New York National Forest) at all times. Overnighters enjoy 24-hour supervision, playgroups, lake trips, van rides and sunbathing on the deck. They'll end the day dreaming on bacon-scented dog beds.
LDP is for pooches that are well socialized with a good temperment. All dogs are pre-screened to insure a positive, happy experience for all. Dogs are required to be at least six-months-old, spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations.LDP has over ten years experience with all breeds from Chihuahua to St. Bernard. We are experienced with any type of special diet or medical need including subcutaneous fluids. Having worked in a veterinary clinic before LDP, I am certified in first aid and CPR."

The cloest thing I've ever known in this country is Dr Andre Wessels and Birnam Vet. Anyhows.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Being A Veterinarian in Johannesburg: Birnam Vet, Greenside Vet, and Sandton Vet

Being a veterinarian may possibly be among essentially the most gratifying careers in the world. We have the opportunity remedy friends, which usually for a lot us tend to be the individuals in the family unit. But being the animal doctor has the benefit of it's expose of challenges. As a Veteninary Student in South Africa studying at Onderstepoort Veterinary School in Pretoria , this site will offer you the particular within information regarding some tips i believe are the superior Several complicated elements of like a veterinarian.

Euthanasia And Putting A Pet Down

Quite often, clientele discuss how euthanasia has to be the most difficult part of my function. While it can be extremely emotionally challenging, the simple truth is euthanasia is not challenging part of my very own occupation. Being a vet, this can be a double-edged blade. Euthanasia is commonly a great want to be capable to supply with a struggling dog, a brand new treadmill containing airport terminal ailment will no longer have an appropriate full well-being. That being said, commonly a animal medical practitioner evolves an individual relationship with out only the entrepreneurs, although the pet at the same time. Frequently it's challenging to not really are amiss and turn into sad within a euthanasia. Issues occurs.

Mistreatment regarding Animals

In the event that you’ve anytime researched the innocent eyes of the animal that has a good unusual nervous about individuals, a creature in which quivers considering it could be outdone anytime with regard to causes in which aren’t acknowledged, you without doubt know very well what form of gut wrenching discomfort where creates. Animal rudeness can occur in more forms than only abuse, in addition, it could include neglectfulness, hording, and desertion first of all. circumstances which has a program basis wherever the creature manager doesn’t actually recognize that they could be getting negligent using their pet dog. Tamed pets trust people not just in supply meals, water, as well as housing, however an evergrowing surroundings as well. Since your vet, we have been fairly sure to statement alleged instances of abuse. By which on it's own, alternatively, is just not ample to avoid the sickening feeling we have realizing that it occurs to see that top notch in the treatment centers.

The inability to Take care of

For me personally, the most difficult element of as a animal medical practitioner carries a youthful, mostly-healthy pet which has a solvable problem- but zero assets to keep up the issue. In reality, every linked to pets can readily run into unexpected conditions or possibly incidents. Here is the primary reason I’m this sort of enormous insurance for your pet enthusiast. Dog and cat insurance can often imply the different among giving take care of your puppy, or perhaps having to go for euthanasia as a result of cost on your own.

Sometimes family pet health problems along with incidents is often rather strenuous each sentimentally as well as financially. Repeatedly, a veterinarian, such as Birnam Vet and Dr Andre Wessels  have been in an issue through which we presume we would cure an animal but certainly, there only aren’t the specific funds to deal with individual. A number of people don’t recognize that veterinarian hospitals usually are businesses, not at all non profit organizations. As a result of large expense connected with owning a hospital, several centers haven't much financial wiggle-room to carry the business inside optimistic figures, not to mention donate services and products. All too often clients enter into the veterinary clinic with all the current expectation that regardless of what they could pay, their own animal have the treatment you will need. As a possible dog enthusiast, it is so difficult to notify somebody that their unique family pet won’t obtain in which treatment. It’s really harder to look at where dog walk out of the entranceway with no medical therapy it will take. These kind of circumstances keep all of us simple a fantastic upsetting feeling of fretfulness and in addition sorrow. There are not many things a whole lot worse when compared to realizing that a determination relating to living, or quality than it, decreased for you to cash.